Dear friends!

For those who would like to participate in unique event-festival PEREPOSTMODERN in July this year. The site with all the information will appear very soon. And now the information for our guests.
Festival PEREPOSTMODERN will be on July 1-3 and will take place in the very center of St.Petersburg in an art-space on Dostoevskogo street 19-21. There is a hotel inside the space and you can book the room beforehand. Please inform the hotel while booking that you are the guest of the festival, you will get the best room and discount ?
The participation in festival costs 80 euro before 1st of May and 120 euro from 2nd of May.
If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact me directly by by mobile +7 (911) 283 21 98


We invite all creative people, artists, psychologists of all schools, students, families and guests of St. Petersburg. Atmospheric Festival will take place in the heart of St Pete, in concept art space, located on 19-21 Dostoevsky st.
It is mainly non-verbal. We will try to get away from verbal representation into reconstruction of images and symbols into movement, into art and into creating of spatial compositions and so on.
We invite all to go beyond linear time and visit various cultural contexts along with other people.
The Festival will present general contact with a group, with other and with self in its presentations, master classes, and it’s meditation-reflexive work-shops. Psychological context of this festival is manifestation of unconscious upon symbolic image formation level. We hope you join us under the sky of St Pete during the white nights to meet well known artists, musicians, and psychologists, to enrich yourself culturally and to get closer to others. Recommended to all who wishes to experience inner freedom.

Start of the Festival
At 3 PM on July 1st.
End of Festival

At 3 PM on July 3rd
Art Space on Dostoevsky St. 19-21. Lodging is available , but we require that you contact us in advance. Single rooms are 6,400 rubles; Standard 5,400; Standard double 7,400; Standard double lux 7,900. Breakfast is included.
Hotel website:
Festival site:
The price is 80€ before May 1st, after May 2nd 110€


Atmosphere creators of the Festival:

Kaminsky Dmitriy
Lavrova Oksana
Pevzner Mark
Raevsky Stas
Khegay Lev
Lavrov Aleksey
Slutskaya Julia
Kanevskaya Nina
Sergeev Sergey
Tanikova Elena
Kholmyansky Boris
Kharkovsky Konstantin
Bondarenko Valeriy
Obraztsov Alex.


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All questions about Festival  Smirnova Natalia тел. +7 (911) 283 21 98
Director of the Festival — Lavrova Oksana
Аdministrator. – Semkin Alex